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Course Type Course Title
University Required Courses Chinese I Physical Education Ⅰ Self-Development General Education
Chinese Ⅱ Physical Education Ⅱ Multicultural Society General Education
English Ⅰ Physical Education Ⅲ Environmental Sustainability General Education
English Ⅱ Physical Education Ⅳ Civic and Citizenship Education General Education
English Practice   Classical Literature  
Information Literacy and Application      
Course Type Course Title
Department Required Courses Principles of Economics I Statistics I Programming Language  
Principles of Economics II Statistics II Undergraduate Projects I  
Accounting I Microeconomics I Undergraduate Projects II  
Accounting II Macroeconomics Ⅰ    
Calculas I Fundamentals of Management    
Calculas II Business Ethics    
Course Type Business Administration International Business and Trade Finance Leisure Economic amd Management
Department Elective Courses Marketing Management Mathematical Economics Financial Statement Analysis Introduction to leisure and recreation resources
Organization Theory and Management Seminar on International Business Management Intermediate Accounting I Management and Practice of Leisure Industry I
Internet Marketing Practice Microeconomics II Practice and Application in Life Insurance Tourism Geography
Introduction to Business  Technology Industry Analysis Intermediate Accounting II Management and Practice of Leisure Industry II
Electronic Commerce International Trade Theories and Policy  Financial Management Management and Practice of Leisure Industry III
Organizational Behavior Basic Game Theory and Applications Money and Banking Leisure resource development in local community
Advertising Management and Marketing Industrial Economics The Application and Plan for Insurance Recreation Industry Management and Practice
Micro- entrepreneurship and management International Finance Cost Accounting Green Tourism and Resource Management 
Marketing Research Macroeconomics II Cost Accounting  Agro-tourism Management
Business Management and Analysis Customs Procedure and Automation Process Financial Markets Environmental Education Program Development
Operation Management Applied Industrial Issues Behavioral Finance Recreation Resource Planning and Management
Marketing Survey Seminar on International Marketing Management Cost Accounting II Management and Practice of Leisure Industry IV
Procurement and Contract Management Foreign Trade Practice and Documentation Management Accounting Leisure Economics
Human Resources Management Essays on Economics and Trade Between Taiwan Straits International Financial Management Business Ethics and Communication
Business Communication International Finance and Exchange Investment International Customer Service and Field Management
Service Management Industrial Planning and Evaluation Financial Case Study Green Tourism
Business Forecasting Economic Policy Analysis Futures And Options Planning and Practice of Interpretation
Strategic Management Social Economics Merger and Acquisition Ecotourism
Consumer Behavior The Foreign Trade Practice and The Cross Border E Commerce Internet Finance Environmental and Resource Economics
Integrated Marketing Communications   Management and Practice of Financial Industry Green Economics
Service Operation Management   Real Estate Investment and Finance Interpretation of Leisure Resources
Internet Marketing   Financial Products Marketing  Ecotourism and sustainable tourism
Entrepreneurship Management   Financial Technology Rural Travel and Community Development
Practice of Media Marketing and Public Relation   Management and Practice of Financial Industry I Community Empowerment and Local Industry
    Management and Practice of Financial Industry II Sustainable Green Technology
      Green Architecture and Eco-community
      Smart Ecological Agriculture Tourism
      Green Construction and Aesthetic
      Environmental Education
      Environmental ethics
      Green Agriculture Tourism Ⅰ
      Green Agriculture Tourism II
      Green Agriculture Tourism III
      Green Agriculture Tourism IV 
Department Elective Courses- Tools Laws Statistics Service Management Language
Choose Three Corses Introduction to Civil Law Application of Statistical Packages The trend of global service industry Business English Conversation
Negotiable Instrument Law Statistical Analysis Problem Analysis and Project Management Planning  
Business Design Law Computer Software Application ICT Service Innovation  
Insurance Law   Management and International Marketing  
Introduction to Criminal Law      
The Practical Law of Business Management       
Legal Issues in Business Administration      
Theory and Practice of Insurance Law