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Department Features

1. Pick 2 from 4, Postpone your Career Choice later.

This department combines both economics and management, including most professional commerce fields in one department.  Therefore we classified courses into 4 fields: Business Management; International Business and Trade; Finance; and Leisure Economics and Management.  Students can select 1 Major and 1 Minor field as their focus of study later in the learning years, according to their personal traits and career interests.

2. Internal and External Quality Control.

To shorten the gap between current studies and future professional work, in addition to internal evaluation, students of this department are supposed to get at least 2 professional certifications or licenses before graduate.

3. Senior Managers as Advisors.

This department invites EMBA students of NIU (most of them are CEOs or firm owners) to share their management skills and know-hows with undergraduate students, which is a compliment with the internship system.

4. Two Master Programs: MS and MBA

This department has two master programs: The Applied Economics program focuses on the development of students’ knowledge and expertise in the academic field of Economics.  Learning in this track is achieved through the application of economic theories and quantitative statistical methods to business and industrial analysis. The Business Management program is built upon theories of Management as applied to business case studies and diagnoses.