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Master Program of Business Administration

Course Type Course Title
Required Courses Multivariate Analysis Business Research Methods
Seminar on Strategic Management Seminar on Organization Theory and Management



Elective Courses Business Administration Financial Management Analytical Tools
Business Marketing Seminar on Financial Management Sampling Survey
Supply Chain Management Financial Case Study Data Mining and Decision Making Analysis
Seminar on Mainland China Market Intelligence Behavioral Finance Managerial Decision Model
International Business Strategy Seminar on Investment Management
Marketing Research Corporate Finance
Seminar on Services Marketing Real Estate Investment and Finance
Seminar on Marketing Management
Service Operation Management
Entrepreneurship Management
Business Analysis and Diagnosis
Seminar on Organizational Behavior
Seminar on Human Resource Management
Agro-tourism Management
Project Management
Business Ethics and Communication
Electronic Commerce
Integrated Marketing Communications
Internet Marketing
Government Procurement and Decision Making
Seminar on International Business Management
Seminar on International Marketing Management