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Ji Chou

Title: Professor
Research: Macroeconomics, Economic Growth, Business Cycle, Economic Forecast
Education Level:
Ph.D Economics, State University of NewYork at  Binghamton
E-mail: 20chouji14@gmail.com


Da-Sen Lin

da sen
Title: Professor
Expertise: Social survey and research, Social statistics, Sociology of organization, Yi-Lan regional study, Social work
Education Level: Doctor of sociology, TungHai University
E-mail: tslin@g2.usc.edu.tw


Yue-Fang Wen

Wen, Yue-Fang
Title: Associate Professor
Expertise: Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Behavioral Finance
Education Level: PhD of Department of Business Administration, National Chengchi University
E-mail: yfwen@niu.edu.tw


Tzu-Ping Ho

Title: Associate Professor
Expertise: International Financial Management, International Investment, International Finance
Education Level: Ph. D., Department of International Trade, National Chengchi University
E-mail: hoping@mail.mcu.edu.tw


Ray Ko

 Ko Ray
Title: Associate Professor-Level Technical Expert
Expertise: Experitential learning, Adventure education, Leisure Industry Management, Community resource management
Education level: Department of Recreation and Sports Management, TAIPEI physical education college
E-mail: ray_0317@hotmail.com


Tan-Wei Chang

Tanwei Chang
Title: Assistant Professor-Level Technical Expet
Expertise: Project Management, Marketing Strategy, Customer Relationship Management, Business Communication, Leadership and Empowerment
Education Level: MSc of Marketing and Management, Loughborough University
E-mail: consultingsw2020@gmail.com


Kuo-Chang Lin

Lin ,Kuo Chang
Title: Instructor
Expertise: Introduction to Civil Laws, The Practical Law of Business Management, Negotiable Instruments Law, Theory and Practice of Insurance Law
Education Level: Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws, National Taipei University
E-mail: a9333.a999@msa.hinet.net


Yuan-Yuan Chen

Title: Instructor
Expertise: Intermediate Accounting,Tax Laws & Regulations
Education Level: Central Missouri State University Accountancy MA
E-mail: yuanyuan1914@gmail.com


Yeh Lin

Title: Instructor
Expertise: Accounting, Management Acoounting, Accounting Software
Education Level: University of New Orleans Business Administration, MA
E-mail: yehyeh614@gmail.com


Mei-Chih Huang

Title: Instructor
Expertise: Accounting, International trade practice and application
Educational Background: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology Department of Finance, Ph D.Candidates
E-mail: mchuang@niu.edu.tw


Yu-Peng Chen

Title: Instructor
Expertise: Statistical Analysis
Education Level: Ph.D. Student, Department of Management Sciences, Tamkang University
E-mail: yupeng@niu.edu.tw