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Master Program of Applied Economics

Course Type Course Title
Required Courses Econometrics Time Series Analysis
Microeconomics Theory Macroeconomics Theory


Elective Courses Leisure Economics Industry and International Business  Finance
Management and Practice of Leisure Industry IV  International Economics Monetary Theory and Policy
Leisure Industry Management and Practice Industrial Economics Theory and Planning Futures And Options
Ecotourism Seminar on International Economy and Trade Merger and Acquisition
Environmental and Resource Economics Seminar on Regional Economics  
Green Tourism and Resource Management Seminar on Technology Industry  
Recreation Resource Planning and Management Seminar on Industrial Economics  
Leisure Economics    
Green Tourism Economics of Strategy and Management  
Green Economics Studies on Macroeconomic Analysis  
Interpretation of Leisure Resources    
International Customer Service and Field Management    
Ecotourism and sustainable tourism    
Rural Travel and Community Development    
Community Empowerment and Local Industry     
Sustainable Green Technology    
Green Agriculture Tourism III    
Green Agriculture Tourism IV    
Green Architecture and Eco-community    
Green Construction and Aesthetic    
Smart Ecological Agriculture Tourism